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A walk in the shadow of the gate

When I was starting to learn landscape photography, beginner books teaches the triangle of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to capture a balance, effective and properly exposed photographs.  That is true.  But a few of us who learned the ropes outside of  traditional way, we later realize that there is a bigger outside triangle that should be understood.    The triangle of understanding composition with the right light, capabilities of chosen equipment, and knowledge of PPP (post processing to printing), are way important.  Like a tripod, stability can be achieved if all three legs are working properly and can equally carry.

Think about it.  Any pro will tell you that having the best equipment by itself does not necessarily translate into a successful  photograph.   In the same manner, it will be difficult to achieve a quality landscape if  we are just photoshop guys but lacking composition and camera skills.  And imagine an artistic landscape photographer shooting long exposure sunset using unstable equipment in a windy beach.    Contemporaries and black & white legends would probably be not as great without superior dark room mastery, with due respect to the masters.

The triangle of composition, equipment, and processing are way important.  It will be a disadvantage in todays photography without sound understanding of all three equally…and some luck.


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